How to stop your card going to the back of their wallet – ACI and Aite bring you their 2012 Global Card Fraud Survey

ACI Aite fraud survey

In all the years I had ACI as a client I never actually read one of these. (Sorry Georgina) It's very interesting, actually…

The first finding that leapt out at me, and the source of the headline:

  • Of cardholders who received replacement cards as a result of a data breach or fraudulent activity in the past year, 46% used the new card less than the

that's pretty hefty.

And concern about fraud on mobiles doesn't seem disproportionately high:


  • Mobile fraud is still in the nascent stage. Less than 10% of respondents in any country are concerned about fraud in this payment channel; Australia, Germany,
    and the Netherlands each had 8% of respondents express such concern. 


‘though this may be because many people aren't using mobile as a payment channel, or even thinking about it.


  • Rates of fraud on debit and credit cards vary widely among respondents in countries surveyed. In Mexico, a high of 44% of respondents say they have
    experienced some type of card fraud in the past five years; a low of 12% in both Sweden and the Netherlands say the same.


Download the report here

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