Retail Banking sectors top issues for the coming years:


Retail banking has never been this demanding! It is critical for retail banks to answer some complicated questions:

1. How will they compete in this new customer demand-driven environment?

Growth margins are limited for the banking sector due to the competitive market! In order for a bank to retain or increase their market share it is essential for banks to be clear on how they will compete in the market and focus on retaining their profitable customers, creating products that are highly competitive both physical and virtually with digitization as a main marketing focus.  In order for this to happen they will need to focus on partnering with technology service providers.

2. What capabilities do they have to build?

Banking capabilities are no longer solely focused on financial management, human capital management, risk management and others but now they must also consider other capabilities that will focus on elements such as "Time consumption", "impersonal treatment and recognition for customers" and others. By providing better solutions they can improve their capability to display value for the consumer.

3. How can they attain short-term revenue?

Due to the current market most banks are considering raising tariffs for the consumer, to overcome the shortfalls, the implications for this is expected trouble! Banks should look at accumulating information for the marketing and sales forces for middle and small businesses in risk management and offer white-label analytics for financial institutions. Banks need to ascertain the ways in which to create new revenue streams by leveraging their existing information, expertise, and distribution capabilities and assets.  Major businesses have converted to build drive in core businesses into new revenue ideas, bank should follow this path.

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  • Reducing fraud and increase transaction security.
  • Innovation in branch banking strategies.
  • Improving customer profitability.
  • Reducing transaction costs.
  • Implementing successful social media strategies.
  • Benchmarking against competitors.

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