How can you build customer loyalty through 3D secure?

customer loyalty and 3d secureWe have another great presentation from TSYS - this time about secure ID by way of 3rd generation authentication technologies. This is an important presentation because security is a huge issue surrounding online money payments as people are largely wary of fraud.

They have taken a comprehensive approach to the subject with a clear structure as follows:

  • Introduction to 3D Secure – what is it? Why is it more secure for you?
  • Middle East Market Overview – eCommerce figure in the middle east and predictions for the future
  • How it Works – internet transaction structure and 3d secure transaction structure
  • Elimination of Perceived threat
  • Building Retention around 3D Secure – How to leverage ‘Reward & Incentive' to drive 3D secure

Download the presentation

The presentation also finishes with a company overview for those of you interested in learning a little more about who TSYS are. Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the presentation below.

Also, to watch some of the presentations from Cards and Payments Show Middle East on our YouTube site, click here.

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