It’s been the week of mobile payments – Payleven, Mastercard, iZettle, Ezetap, Square, SumUp

mobile payments payleven mastercard ing izettle ezetap square


iZettle, Europe's answer to Square launched in the UK 

"As noted by TNW reader @Le3ky, those who sign up for a private account to use iZettle also need to have a Facebook account. (Businesses require a credit check instead). On this iZettle says, "Anyone who's over 18 can register. As a private person you need to be registered as a citizen in the country and a Facebook account. As a business you have to pass a credit check.'"


Payleven immediately retaliated with the launch of their Chip & Pin solution for merchants

Which might just have the security edge on iZettle, (being chip and pin based it is pci dss compliant) who are presently in dispute with Visa in a number of territiories


Sumup launched their api allowing anyone who wants to to write a payment app on their platform

"Crucially, SumUp's technology is PCI-DSS and EMV certified, meaning that merchants incorporating the SumUp API will immediately gain the ability to process transactions using the highest security standard for card payments."


Square and Starbucks finally went live in 7000 outlets across the US

"The tie-in will also see the in-store Starbucks Digital Network feature the Square directory, which will further help customers discover other neighbouring businesses via the mobile payment app." Multi-app already…


Mastercard and ING started a limited trial of nfc-secured online payments

"The Paypass/NFC combo allows the user to use their phone to secure their online transaction by scanning a QR code on the website then entering a PIN code into the phone."

Or you could just use Paypal like a normal person (ahem)


And Ezetap secured $3.5million in funding to bring their solution to India and Africa

""The transformation of mobile handsets into intelligent PoS has revolutionised the payments industry. But for the most part, this growth has been in the US and parts of Western Europe," said Bose, co-founder and CEO. "In India alone, there are almost 300 million cards but only 600,000 terminals. However, the low penetration of smartphones, distribution challenges and the early stage in market maturity require a different understanding of customers, business models and breadth of capabilities," he added."


and then there was Google…


Phew, that's a quite a week…


Are you personally involved in any of these?

Which do you think is the biggest deal? (My money is on Ezetap)


Let us know below…


  1. Joao

    Mastercard and ING; They use the Secure Element in NFC phones, not the NFC technology itself. O.k. it’s still a mobile payment.

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