Mastercard and ING trial NFC- secured online payments

  • "The trial involves 160 staff at ING Bank in Paris, who’ve been given Galaxy SIII handsets and a PayPass account to play with."

- Result!

  • The Paypass/NFC combo allows the user to use their phone to secure their online transaction by scanning a QR code on the website then entering a PIN code into the phone.

  • Transactions are the classified as card-present

mastercard ing nfc trial

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Wave of the Future? Smartphone NFC used to buy stuff ONLINE

Register – ‎18 minutes ago‎

Mastercard has started trials of online payments using the secure element in an NFC handset in France, and it looks like it could quickly become the standard way to buy stuff on the internet. The trial involves 160 staff at ING Bank in Paris, who’ve been given

MasterCard and ING Test Hybrid Online and Mobile Payment System

Wall Street Journal (blog) – ‎1 hour ago‎

By Nick Clayton. MasterCard and the Dutch banking group ING are testing a payments system that takes advantage of the secure element in NFC smartphones, without using the NFC short-range communications technology itself. The trial is based around the

MasterCard demonstrates new ways to pay online using mobile devices

Computerworld – ‎15 hours ago‎

IDG News Service – MasterCard is testing new ways to make online transactions more secure with its PayPass application and a mobile phone, including using QR codes to secure the transactions. The card company is cooperating with Dutch bank ING Group

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