Google is launching it’s own payment card

Sorry, what?

google launch plastic card wallet reports that the Google Wallet app, which an "anonymous tipster" has had leaked to him was hiding Google Wallet's next big secret – the latest innovation in payment devices – a plastic card ;-)

This allows Google Wallet to be used anywhere, regardless of whether or not the phone company or retailer allows the use of mobile payment technologies as such.

Whatever your default card is on Wallet is whatever this black card will charge to.


Other new features are in the works:

"The ability to deposit and withdraw money to and from a “Wallet Balance” is being added (hopefully, this will integrate with the Play Store), as well as person to person money transfers. Transit cards? Wallet’s got transit cards."


Well done Android Police, and whoever your Deep Throat may be.


What does this mean for Google Wallet's chances in the great mobile payment battle to come?


Let us know below…


  1. Sriram

    This is possible only if the Google wallet stores the linked credit/debit card information on a central database. In that case, the Google wallet card is an additional channel offered to consumers to access the Google wallet data. The Google card is linked to the Google wallet which is linked to a credit/debit card. But it will be interesting to see ho the user can select which linked debit/credit card to use while using the google wallet card.

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