Natural Security introduces fingertip authentication at POS

fingerprint payments


Want to make sure only YOU can pay for the groceries with your card? Have fingers? Then Natural Security has the product for you!

Watch the video here to see how you could soon be authenticating your payments in store and online using just, well….yourself!

We have all heard of contactless technology, we have all heard of biometric identification and now thanks to the clever chaps at Natural Security, we can use a combination to streamline our payments. As the video shows consumers will simply need to place a finger tip on the reader and the reader will connect to the information on your cards chip, which is hidden away in your wallet. This removes the pesky process of opening an app or reaching into your pocket and just makes your whole buying experience that little bit more fun!

The current trial is taking place on 1,500 people at a supermarket chain in France using two different user authentication techniques, one based on finger vein patterns at Villeneuve d'Ascq and one on digital fingerprint technology at Angoulême. To begin using this service the customer must first go to his or her bank (partners include BNP Paribas, Banque Accord, Crédit Agricole and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa - plus Auchan, Ingenico, Leroy Merlin and MasterCard and the CB bank card group) and register the data by placing a finger on the biometric terminal, which will then transfer the data to the bank card. The pouch featured in the video is a contactless case for the bank card.

The most exciting part about this technology is the secure personal item does not have to be a card, eventually it could be a key ring or a mobile phone. We might use it at an ATM or online, the technology could become an access system for our car, office or campus. Natural Security is pioneering streamlined biometric authentication and I am for one am very excited about the potential for this!


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