Download: Why NFC is beneficial to your business.

Why you should be using NFC Do you want to learn more about the success stories and future trends of NFC technology? There is no doubting that NFC seems to be a hot topic in the cards and payments industry, and if you want to know why that's the case then this presentation will help you out.

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Christelle Toureille from Mobile Financial Services at Gemalto gave this great presentation at this year's Cards and Payments Show highlighting the success behind NFC and where NFC is heading in the near future. They focused on the following points:

The transformation of mobile phones- The move from a communication tool to a transaction tool

What NFC actually is- What the uses of NFC are and how it is a secure method of payment

The key success factors behind NFC- The 5 key factors behind NFC success with global examples of NFC uptake

Future trends of NFC- How the current telecoms industry affects NFC and the role MNOs will want to play in the future sue to the new opportunities they have

Download the presentation to learn more about each of these topics- let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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