How to enable your entire city with nfc – Parramatta case study

parramatta city nfc

Parramatta City is Australia's sixth largest economy with a GDP of $12 billion. The city is vibrant and booming with commercial, residential, civic and other urbanisation developments that put NFC implementations at the centre stage.

Click here to download the full presentation today to find out more about how Parramatta City leveraged on cutting-edge technologies to create a city with better connectivity and accessibility for its residents.

NFC technology is key to the future advancement of business processes. For instance, the way payments are made in the past are very different from today, and it will be more convenient in the years to come. Many businesses are demonstrating the move toward payment innovations. While some are still slow to adopt, they will follow suit and this will definitely change the industry’s mechanisms in future. NFC is becoming a hot topic today, be it in the Retail, Transport, Bank or even the Government sector.

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Image credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

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