How to use NFC to change the way you work, live and play.

how to use NFC to change the way you work live and playNFC will change the way you work, live and play?

Okay, so that sounds a little on the dramatic side. However, there is no doubt that NFC technology has so many possible applications that when it really takes off, it could drastically change the way we work, live and play.

Gavin Payne, Head of Retail technology at JWT, gave this presentation at The Cards and Payments Show Middle East 2012 and explained to us why he thinks NFC could change our lives.

So for those of you that want to find out more about the switch from pc's to mobile that seems to be sweeping the globe, this is a great way to find out more, as well as discovering JWT's predictions for the future.

Download the presentation to learn about the ‘digital revolution' in a clear and easy way and to see some great examples of how NFC technology can be implemented.

Or if you have enjoyed learning about how NFC could benefit your business, why not take a look at the Middle East's largest dedicated event  for NFC.

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