What to look out for when selecting a service provider on the cloud

cloud storage

Many companies these days are looking to the online space to store and create backups for data. With cloud computing, companies can increase their storage capacity by paying a fee to a third-party that helps to store important company information in the virtual world.

As with all technologies these days, cloud computing is a double-edged sword. While its merits are commendable, businesses need to bear in mind the risks that come along. Breach of data security is a major concern. Here are five tips for evaluating the credentials of a reliable third-party service provider.

1) Secure Data Transfer - With data encryption and authentication, data transfer over the "https" protocol can be better protected.

2) Secure Data Storage - An in-depth understanding of the security procedures that the service provider use to store its clients' data is fundamental. This includes being kept in the know about of the applicable logs and data.

3) Software Interfaces - With the potential risks of redirection or man-in-middle message alteration attacks that may arise as customers and the cloud interact via a common interface, a service provider should provide strongly encrypted control measures.

4) User Access - One should ensure that only the appropriate personnel working for the service providers are granted access to manage customers' data. Encrypting the data is necessary!

5) Data Separation - As cloud computing stores multiple companies' data on a shared infrastructure, it becomes an easier target for attacks. Hence, it is essential to evaluate the compartmentalization techniques adopted by the service provider.

Understanding the risks inherent in cloud computing is the key to succeed in the virtual world. With Information Security World Asia, there will be an exhibition showcase and seminar sessions that touch on topics such as authentication, information security and access control.

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