3 payment gadgets you must see…

3 payment gadgets you must see pay-touch

1. Pay-touch

Biometric payments…another perennial topic, but here it is in use at POS!  "Create your account only once and use PayTouch everywhere it is accepted" Ah, I'm beggining to see the flaw in this plan…Still, awesome tech, and it seems ideal for use in nightclubs, hotels, and infact  Here it is in use at the  Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Ibiza

3 payment gadgets you must see jumio

2. Netswipe by Jumio

Scan the card using your webcam and Netswipe will read the numbers. Apparently a "pop-up window or inline frame" appears during the process, which "requires the card user to show their real credit card" which Jumio then authenticates. Can someone explain what that means?

3 payment gadgets you must see izettle

3. The thing you stick on your phone to take payments that isn't Square

Enter the card details into the app OR use the chip on the card via the iZettle reader, take the signature via the screen (wow, oldschool, that works so well when accepting a registered parcel) You can also allow payers to share the transaction socially or attach images, geo-location and notes.

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