Apple Decides to Play it Safe with iPhone5

All of the hype and for what? Apple's new iPhone is basically just the iPhone 4.5.

It's been about a year since the iPhone 4S was released and consumers were left wondering what the iPhone 5 would bring. Now we know: Nothing really new.

Apple decided to just upgrade the old capabilities and skip over major market developments, primarily NFC. The new specs make it an upgrade over the iPhone 4S, but by no means anything revolutionary. The phone's lighter, faster, and thinner, but it lacks in true innovation.

Rather than make the move towards the future, Apple decided to implement the Passbook. The passbook allows for QR codes and will help with boarding passes and coupons, but it can't be used for payments.

I think it was definitely a mistake, albeit a calculated error, for apple to skip NFC this year. The desire for NFC is greatly increasing with time, and companies are going to be implementing it on a much greater scale. By the time the next iPhone comes out next year, they'll already be well behind the market.

Whether Apple wants to accept it or not, NFC is the payment system of the future. The kinks may not have been worked out yet, but companies like android have already started implementing it.

This won't really hurt the iPhone's sales because, let's face it, people are always going to want the next iPhone. Any minor additions and an increase in the iPhone number will generate sales. However, for those who wanted real development and progress, they will be left disappointed. Those users may want to jump ship to a different platform to stay with the times.

As for NFC's rise, I do think this slightly hurt its push. The countless millions who buy the iPhone 5 are going to have nothing to do with NFC. If Apple had implemented it, there would have probably been an immediate rise in the number of consumers that use it and retailers that install its system.

That being said, the push, while hindered, will continue on. NFC will continue to revolutionize the market, and it may leave Apple sorry they decided to save NFC capabilities for a later phone.

So are you guys happy with the new iPhone or do you think Apple dropped the ball? How many of you are going to get it?

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