One Company to Rule Them All (Mobile Payment Sphere)?


It's becoming nearly impossible to have a conversation about cards and payments that doesn't, at least slightly, involve mobile payments. I recently blogged about how I felt the mobile field will only continue to grow over the next couple of years. It's not a question of whether it will become an integral part of the payment sphere, but rather, how high is the seemingly limitless ceiling?

In her piece that she wrote for TechCrunch, Leena Rao has an insightful take on who she feels will be the major players in the new mobile sphere.

Read the full article here.

She points out, in a frustrated manner, that it seems like every day there is a new way to pay for something via mobile device. While it may not be appealing to some people, myself included, this will be the reality of the payment sphere for quite some time to come.

The biggest question that is brought up is who will eventually rule the mobile payment sphere? Everyone is trying to make a splash, from powerhouses, like PayPal and Google, to startups, like Jumio and BrainTree.

I think that when all the smoke has cleared, it won't be so much who is the giant that runs everything, but rather which companies are at the top of their respective corners of the industry. Paypal won't be vying with retailers, like Starbucks and Coca-Cola, but rather against other digital wallets, like Google.

As Rao points out consolidation will happen; it's the convenient and logical solution. The simpler that things are, the better. Consumers aren't going to want to have to use a plethora of different payment applications. 

Once consolidation happens, the different sections of the mobile sphere will be run by the companies that can provide the most to their consumers. Digital wallets that can land deals with a vast number of retailers will be in prime position to corner the market.

Square has already begun this movement with their mega-deal with Starbucks.

So let me know what you guys think. Who do you think the major players will be and which company/companies will run the mobile sphere?


  1. Elizabeth

    It really is hard to tell who will be the “leaders” when all is said and done. Clearly, Apple is being conservative with their NFC plans. As articles have pointed out Passbook meets the IMMEDIATE needs of their consumers. I think that Square will be a contender in the retail space, but Google, Isis, Paypal and others may have a different focus.

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