Download: How to build the NFC ecosystem to increase growth and uptake

Do you want to know how to increase growth and uptake of NFC?

increase growth and uptake of NFC Everybody right now is talking about NFC and how it will impact the consumer experience but we're not quite there yet. So how exactly do we go about increasing the uptake of NFC?

This great presentation from The Cards and Payments Show 2012 is centered on six key topics:

•    The Vision- How NFC provides an all-in-one service
•    The Perception- How mobile NFC has reached the tipping point
•    The Challenge- You need to create the ‘right' experience
•    The Reality- How NFC has reshaped the market
•    Best Practices- Global projects
•    Moving Forward- How can we guarantee mobile NFC growth?

To discover the secrets of NFC growth from Du, download the free presentation today and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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