5 payment startups you need to know about


The payment universe, whether mobile or online has gone startup-crazy in the last 12 months.

Here's our guide to some of the more exciting new players in the space.

Have I missed any out? Let me know below…




How does it work?

WePay charges fees only when money is collected. WePay enables clients to create FDIC insured “Accounts” to collect money online. The company creates lightweight, shareable Accounts insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with functionality that permits payments into and out of those accounts.

Why is it so hot?

White label API and low prices has WePay already processing hundreds of millions of dollars annually and adding 1000 merchants per week.





How does it work?

Simple, developer-centric payment system that can have a small business accepting payments in minutes, by using Stripe's we-do-everything-for-you API.

Why is it so hot?

Ron Conway: "Stripe allows any developers on the Internet, almost through a point and click interface, to enable credit cards on their website. It allows people to monetize immediately."





How does it work?

Near Sound Data Transfer  – NSDT uses a one time password sent through the audio channel of a mobile device to create an electronic signature enabling secure transactions (wikipedia)

Why is it so hot?

Every phone has an audio channel, it's a phone's bottom line – so ANY phone in any market can be used as a payment device.





How does it work?

Merges image recognition with augmented reality and m-commerce.Their app uses image recognition capabilities to recognise a product you point your phone at, start an enhanced advertisement for the product, then allow you to order that product straight from your phone.

Why is it so hot?

Click thru rates have been huge in the initial trial, and they're looking to add Blipp to Buy to the product they offer to brands, which is already pretty exciting.





how does it work?

Uses your webcam to read your card – hold up your card to a camera on your phone or pc and it reads the numbers.Simple.

Why is it so hot?

It's backed by Eduardo Severin, of Facebook fame.


So, who have I missed out? did you see anyone at MWC this year who wowed you more than these guys?


Let me know below…

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