The top 5 stats that make Turkey the next big market to watch in eCommerce

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eCommerce growth is driven by investment in ICT infrastructure, internet penetration, customer connectivity demand, reliability of eContract and fulfillment backed by a strong logistics market.

Turkey is host to a credit-driven economy and efficient logistics, making it an ideal market for an eCommerce explosion. Commerce is rapidly moving online as eTransactions are trusted, creating a digital marketplace and driving consumer uptake.

I just read an interesting slideshare by Aslı Gökdere, Board Member of ETID and Founder & CEO of on eCommerce in Turkey.  Here are the top 5 stats proving Turkey is the next big opportunity for online shopping.

STAT 1: Turkey has the 6th largest internet population in Europe and the the 6th largest Facebook population

What this means?  Appetite for eCommerce is driven by  youthful and social population that expects, values and demands online services. Facebook's popularity is also indicative of a growing trend in social commerce.

STAT 2: The value of the online payments market in Turkey currently stands at $21,5 Billion

What this means?  Mass uptake is already underway demonstrating that trust in eTransactions is strong, facilitating market growth.

STAT 3: It is estimated Turkey will experience a 75% growth rate in eCommerce revenues in 2012

What this means?  Boasting a population of 74m people, the opportunity for eCommerce growth in enormous  – making the Turkish market one of the world's most lucrative opportunities.

STAT 4: There are 7m online shoppers in Turkey

What this means? Nearly 10% of the population shop online, spending an average of $100 per order

STAT 5: Turkey has 31.5 million Facebook users, making it the second biggest Facebook market in the world

What this means? eCommmerce will inevitably enable social commerce as consumers are active on social platforms.

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