An integrated smart card to provide convenience to consumers

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Why carry so many? Just carry one! – This is exactly the purpose behind the introduction of an integrated smart card to house all your debit, credit, privilege and loyalty cards by a Hyderabad-based start-up information technology firm.

As seen in this news article from The Hindu Business Line, from online shopping to mobile payment, coming up in November in India is an integrated Smart Card. Having the concept of one-nation-one-card, the new product combines the different cards like debit, credit and privilege and loyalty cards into one. The product works simply by connecting the images with the technical information embedded in the original cards. However, the question to ask again is, "How safe is it to use this?" Although the card is protected by biometric authentication, people might still have questions related to security.

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  1. sophie

    Integrated smart cards have been introduced in a few countries now with national ID being one of the applications. This presentation is great if anyone wants to know a bit more about the smart cards, and one of the case studies is actually India:

    I agree that security is an issue but hopefully more security solutions will be provided in the future.

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