Apple’s attempt to tie down users? – iDevices to control our homes in future


Apple's ex CEO and founder, Steve Jobs, had left behind a legacy. This legacy, now shouldered by the current CEO Tim Cook, is continuing to take Apple to greater heights. Apple products have no doubt changed the lives of many, re-shaping industries such as music, TV, movies, softwares, cellphones, hardwares and many more – anything and everything that is related to electronic devices. It appears that Apple is set to dominate our homes in future.



A new patent published by Apple recently will utilise Near Field Communications (NFC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other latest communication technologies to control our daily household electronic devices (e.g. TV, consoles, and sprinklers) – all from Apple's range of iDevices. All iDevices will soon have NFC-enabled capabilities…and it is rumoured that iPhone 5 could possibly come with that.

While this patent may come across as Apple's attempt to dictate the technological industry and people's lives, it is undeniable that our lifestyles will improve for the better.


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