Putting a little “bam!” into the payments industry

1349595_hamburger Few people can hear the name Emeril without immediately thinking "bam!" but the truth of the matter is that it was a long arduous road for this now house-hold name to become the staple in American cooking culture that it is today. Look back even a decade and for the most part, cooking on television was limited to Julia Child and the occasional public broadcasting show. People just weren't interested.

And why? Because the material they were being shown was inaccessible. Too many chefs discussing a "buerre blanc" and the "proper way to braise a lamb shank" was too technical for the average American cook. It was only once chefs like Emeril began to showcase items like  roasted chicken or lasagna that TV cooking shows took off. They learned that in order to be relevant, and to get in front of their target audience, they had to engage with their audience in a way that they could relate to- see how these tips and techniques could apply to them.

The same can be said of the payments industry. So often I see conference after conference using jargon that the average customer would never know, let alone understand. People seem unable to grasp why it's so difficult to get in front of new clients, or get people excited about the new technology they're working on and there's one answer- it's out of reach.

While I'm not suggesting that you dumb yourself down, think about the customer in front of you, think about what matters to them. Stay off the theoretical and show them how your services can actually apply to their business, how this new technology can make their business easier.

Take a note from Emeril and put a little more "bam" into your business.


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