Download RFID Industry Outlook Ebook and find out what can RFID be used for other than inventory and asset tracking?

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First implemented more than 60 years ago, RFID technology is now a major technology used by many industries in tracking of goods and assets. RFID is widely used by retailers to track and manage their inventory. Pharmaceutical companies also make use of RFID technology to track their products to fight counterfeit issues while Hospitals tag their patients using RFID technology for identification purposes.

As RFID technology has been around for such a long time and is so widely used by many industry verticals, we picked the brains of our industry experts from Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association (VICS), Smartrac Technology Group and TCM RFiD on what they wish to see RFID being implemented for in the future. Our industry experts also shared with us what they foresee as the opportunities and challenges stakeholders might face in the coming year.

We hope that you will find this electronic book useful and do keep a lookout for more articles and reports coming your way!

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