Mastercard and Visa draw the lines in Europe over Mobile Payments, deals with Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica announced.

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“There's a lot of it this week – on Monday (2/7/12) Deutsche Telekom announced their partnership with MasterCard to roll our NFC-based mobile payments in Poland and Germany before rolling out in other european territories after 2013.

From Electronista:

"At the same time as the consumer debut in Poland this year, T-Mobile will be performing trials for mobile payments in Germany using both mobile phone tags and NFC. Early next year, it will be expanded to to a full mobile wallet service, opening to other issuing banks and partners. Deutsche Telekom will be issuing the MasterCard products via e-commerce subsidiary ClickandBuy."

then this morning: (6/7/12) from nfc world

"Telefónica Digital has appointed Visa Europe as its preferred mobile payments partner for its O2 and Movistar networks in Europe in a deal described as “a wide ranging strategic partnership to drive new business opportunities within mobile commerce.”


Europe seems finally to be pushing forward with mobile payments. I've been around the fringes of the cards and payment industry for a decade, and throughout that time the message has consistently been that mobile payments were just around the corner – it's one of those perennial conference topics – this is the first time the noise has been abcked up by deals and terminals appearing in shops!


What does everyone think? Are we finally there?


  1. Frans Stander

    Great momentum towards a Global Inter-operable solution for both Mobile and NFC Payment solutions.. With the major partners of EMVCo combining their acquired strengths and capabilities, the global security guidelines will now finally gain momentum while secure “borderless” transactions will be switched at a blink.

    1. Simon Crompton-Reid

      That sounds like an enthusiastic “yes”! I guess borderless has to be the next challenge, yes.

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