Top 3 articles on mobile payments this week


Great article on mobile payment utopia -

"So why is there so much focus on a mobile payment experience in which only 5% – or at max 25% – of the world can actually participate?  Shouldn't we look at what all these devices have in common when we are designing an experience as universal as payment?  I fear we are leaving too many people out of the game and too much money on the table."

A new trial at Burger King has people paying usign QR codes

"Burger King expects that its own pilot, based on QR codes, will perform very well and that it won't be long before it expands well beyond Salt Lake City and out across the rest of the United States. The restaurant chain is far from the first to implement this type of technology, but it is working hard to keep up and remain at the very front of mobile commerce use and solutions, so that it will not have the opportunity to fall behind."

HTC wants standard mobile payments

“It requires joint efforts from the government and industry to build a clear policy to help companies do research and development related to the technology,”

So, should mobile payments be centered around the "phone" rather than the "smart"?

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