Contactless payment feature missing in Kaching android app

Contactless payment feature missing in Kaching android appKaching app from Commonwealth Bank of Australia will be available on android phones in the next 6 weeks. But it lacks a key feature available to iPhone users- contactless payment (NFC).

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is partly blaming on Google for this missing key app feature. Reason for this is due to the lack of technical clarity on near field communication chips for contactless payment from Google. Read the full article here.

The iphone version of the app allows consumers to use the contactless payment capability even though the phone doesn't come with the NFC chip. Consumers are able to buy an iphone casing that has the chip embedded to use the feature.

On the other hand, due to the wide variety of android phone, standardisation for contactless payment on android phone has proved to be difficult and challenging.

Henceforth Commonwealth Bank of Australia has taken the safer route by excluding the contactless payment function in the android version of the app.

NFC has the vast potential in changing the way consumers make payments and exchange data. However in reality, the current available technology hasn't been able to exploit the full potential and is in fact limiting it.

How far will NFC go in Australia in the payment sector? Leading experts will be discussing this in an upcoming conference. Find out more here.

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