Assembling & extending the #NFC mobile #payment ecosystems

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During the afternoon session of Cards & Payments conference day one, Elizabeth Duke, Head of Sales Asia Pacific from C-Sam gave the post-lunch attendees a few things to mull over regarding the future of NFC-based mobile payments platform. For her, what is the most exciting would be the emergence of ISIS. This is a multiplatform collaboration between the different carriers in the U.S. who are offering customers the service of carrying out mobile payments on their phones. It shows that telecommunication companies understand the need to provide a mobile payment solution as mobile is fast becoming the most dominant aspect of our daily activities.

Elizabeth contends that the future will have a mobile payment solution which is robust, secure and more importantly multifaceted in that the user can use the mobile phone service for several things. This for her is the true definition of a "mobile wallet" – that the phone has the ability to meet the needs of the user in a variety of ways. From being a payment solution, a loyalty card or a way to facilitate travel on the public transport, this is all possible with the mobile wallet. Of course C-Sam is at the forefront of these developments and we look forward to the future of mobile payment.

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