#RFID implementation in the #healthcare sector – Views from National Cancer Centre Singapore

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To give the conference attendees of the RFID World Asia an overview from the perspective of how RFID technology is being implemented by the healthcare industry, we had the honor of Mdm. Chan Mei Mei, Deputy Director Nursing of National Cancer Centre (NCC) Singapore to share with the attendees some of her organisation's experience. As you can imagine, implementation of RFID technology is different for the health care industry as compared with the other industries. Whereas speakers that presented before her gave insights which revolved around easier logistics management and eco-savings, Mdm. Chan utilised RFID's ability to improve patient care and alleviate the stress from the patient’s experience.

For Mdm. Chan, helping to ease the stress from patient care is one of the biggest goals and benefits of implementing an RFID solution. Having to deal with cancer is already a daunting experience therefore she felt that RFID's ability to reduce patient waiting time was the very least that she could do. Even from an operational point of view it made simple sense for the NCC to introduce RFID. Their staffs were able to focus on patient care as they no longer had to do constant equipment and drugs usability checks. This also had the serendipitous benefit of improving the patient experience as their staffs were able to focus on taking care of their patients.

Overall, I felt that this presentation was quite an eye opener as I got to hear the benefits of RFID technology from a very different perspective instead of better inventory and logistics management by manufacturers, etc.


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    I am interested in knowing more about RFID in the Healthcare

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    How can I actually get the E-book? From the article I do not understand it.

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