#RFID in #Disney’s Smile Factory


Disney's theme parks maybe the happiest place on earth but they still need to keep a close eye on their bottom line. One of the ways Disney ensures that they keep their operating cost to the minimum is through using RFID tags to keep track of the thousands of costumes that are being worn by their staff. Reported in RFID Journal, Disney has installed  RFID tags on all of their costumes in their inventory in all their theme parks all over the world. As one would expect, Disney has about US$100 million worth of costumes in their global inventory. Therefore by implementing an RFID solution, they can automate many logistical steps needed in keeping track of the costumes.

When the system was first implemented, they reaped returns almost immediately. The accuracy of their inventory check grew by almost 15% to reach a 100% accuracy rate. There were also able to move personnel to other responsibilities as there no longer any need for a huger number of staff in their inventory procedures. Originally, Disney had to assign 25 workers to scan the bar codes of every costume when they had to do inventory count. This process would take a total of 9 to 12 hours and would also require a shutdown of operations in a particular costumes department. With the new RFID solution, 2 workers and 2 man hours are all it takes to complete the job, at the 100% accuracy rate. Disney can now certainly focus on making more people smile!

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