High-end retailer uses #RFID and digital signage to create unique shopping experience

retail rfid apparel digital signage display

Reported in RFID Journal; a usage of technology which marries RFID technology and digital display that enables shoppers to experience a shopping experience unlike any other. Implemented by a Spanish clothing house, Roberto Verino, the initiative allows shoppers to "try on" one of clothing without actually trying them on. Using Keonn Technologies' AdvanMirror system, which is essentially a mirror which is doubles up as a screen; customers are able to view themselves virtually trying out the clothes of their choice without the hassle of stepping into the fitting room.

The way it works is that the mirror has shelves which have RFID readers which is able to read the RFID tags. The mirror then translates the information on the RFID tags to display a virtual display of the clothes being "worn" by the customers. While this is already impressive, the most impressive claim is that the virtual display is able to conform to the customers movements in real time. That is, the clothing will move and crease accordingly when the customer raises their arms for example thereby giving them an idea of how good a fit of the clothes is without having to actually wear the clothes. Furthermore the system is able to adjust the image accordingly when, for example, the customer decides to add another article of clothing to see how it matches.

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