#NFC, going from misunderstood to vogue

NFC, going from misunderstood to vogue Every week, new reports about how the incorporation of NFC technology are being filed and published and this week proved to be no different. Despite this, there is still a common perception that NFC is some sort of technology which is a flash in the proverbial pan. This in part explains why many taking a wait-and-see approach with regards to embracing NFC fully.

However, a new report published by Smith's Point Analytics argue that NFC is already well on the way to filling its potential as a technology of the future. Seen in QR Code Press, the mobile marketing space has been at the forefront of pushing for the utilisation of NFC. With the world increasingly relying on mobile technology, NFC has quietly become the technology that is currently in vogue.

The mobile marketing industry is predicted to be worth US$2.3billion in 2016. With the growing relevance of mobile devices, it is expected that much of this growth is down to NFC making it possible for marketers to create more dynamic forms of marketing campaigns. Along with QR codes, these forms of technology will experience a renaissance of sorts as more and more companies are seeing its usefulness in creating more engaging marketing campaigns. With the launch of more NFC- enabled phones from 2012, the future of NFC is bright indeed.

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