UAE pushing to pair digital identification and mobile phones using #NFC

image In the desert, you will be identified by your phones, literally. Reported in The Register, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has teamed up with Etisalat to incorporate national identification into their mobile phones. The two parties have signed a memorandum of understanding that will have them take a long hard look at solutions to combine national IDs and mobile phone via NFC.

Currently, all Emiratis have to carry around an identification card at all times. The card,which was implemented in 2004, stores all the card holder's biometric data on an ISO7816 chip embedded on the card. To ensure that the information is easily readable, the user's information is printed on the card itself. Therefore the main issue with combining national IDS and mobile phones would be to use a platform which is easily readable. Also the article brings up certain issues such as replacing plastic identifications with the mobile phones would mean that the citizens of the UAE will have to make sure that they carry their mobile phones at all times.

How about you? Will you prefer the ‘traditional' plastic IDs or the ‘mobile' version?

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