#RFID starter kits to benefit the smaller businesses – it can be done!

RFID starter kits to benefit the smaller businessesSeen in Techworld, the use of RFID tags to track inventory or product delivery are usually connected to big multinational firms whose operational structure require a cost effective way to keep track of their inventory. These days, RFID manufacturers are producing "starter kits" which can be picked up by the smaller businesses especially SMEs to help them in their operations. These starter kits are cheap because they usually make use of turnkey solutions to keep production cost low. Even the smallest operator can use RFID to improve their daily operations.

For example, by combining Windows 7 application, TegoDrive has created a system which is easily programmable. For an initial outlay of less than US$1000, the user can program and implement a RFID tag easily to fit his/her operational needs. This cost is of course far lower than the usual method of producing a custom built solution that businesses use.

By combining existing technologies and software, relatively cheap turnkey RFID solutions can be developed for the benefit of all businesses.

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