@Lexus uses #NFC tags in their print advertisements

Lexus uses NFC tags in their print advertisements In terms of pushing the boundaries on advertising innovation, this certainly takes the cake. Car maker Lexus has incorporated an NFC tag in their print advertising which is running in this month's copy of WIRED magazine. Seen in AdAge, Lexus is has decided to incorporate an NFC tag in the ad as the carmaker wants to establish itself in the crowded field of car advertisements. Lexus has acknowledged that they are pandering to a very select crowd by their estimation there are only about 3 million NFC enabled phones in the United States right now. Thus the ad clearly was not aimed at gaining widespread appeal.

When an NFC enabled phone is placed near the advertisement, a link to a video explaining a new feature on new Lexus model is brought up. Aptly, the new in-car features include having an inbuilt dashboard that comes pre-loaded with apps such as Bing, Pandora and Yelp. The video then explains what these apps do and how they can enrich the driving experience. All in all, the usage of NFC does not exactly represent a technological leap but it does represent an innovative way as to how one can use NFC aide from mobile payments or contactless ticketing. With innovators such as these, you can bet that NFC will remain in the public eye for a long time to come.

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