#eService Adoption: A route to curb #GovernmentSpending, not public services

E-service Adoption: A route to curb government spending, not public services

Here's a white paper from  Dr. Ettehad Albahar, Director of Electronic Portal Department, Central Agency for Information Technology, Kuwait. The white paper discusses the meaning of e-services, their benefits and why such electronic services are a way in which governments can provide better and a bigger number of services to its customers, all whilst costing it less. Of course nothing without such benefit will come without challenges, which paves the way for more private/public partnerships and interactions. Finally, the paper concludes with why e-services lead to better services and recommendations that will help curb government spending not public services.

Click here to download the white paper.

Dr Ettehad Albahar will be at Digital ID World in May to discuss this further. Download the brochure to find out more about what you will learn by attending Digital ID World.

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