Singaporeans clueless about #online #security

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Singaporeans are online almost 9 hours a day and thus rely very much on their computer and their internet connection. They are also aware there is a need to ensure that their internet access is protected by adequate security services. Unfortunately, as reported by ZDNet Asia, most Singaporeans do not know how to go about doing that. The article quotes a survey done by Symantec, states that a staggering 66% of Singaporeans are clueless about protecting their online data.

One of the main factors which exacerbate the problem is the fact that Singaporeans are confused by the variety of services available online. There are simply too many online services which provide a basic level of protection when in reality; they require higher level of data protection from other sources. This situation is worsened when mobile devices is included into the equation. It is now beyond doubt that the world is moving on to the mobile platform to go online, this therefore calls for a security solution which is suited for the mobile solution. The survey calls security vendors to be more honest and open in explaining to their customers about the level of protection that they need in light of a burgeoning security threat to online.

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