#RFID to be used in your running shoes? You bet!

FID to be used in your running shoes? You bet!Seen in Wired, of late there has been a trend among major athletic apparels companies marrying wireless technology with their products. In the very near future, your running shoes will be able to record the amount of calories you burn, how far and how fast you run in order to let you know about your progress or make you feel guilty about having that extra bag of chips. It all started with Adidas and Nike experimenting with RFID tags about 30 years ago. That time, the tags were mainly used to provide accurate timings for athletes who need such precise data on their runs or workouts. Today almost every big marathon uses RFID tags to track the time of individual runners. RFID has progressed so fast that it is no longer for elite athletes looking to improve their performance by half a percent. Consumers are actually looking to buy such ‘tech savvy' products for their daily activities and partly due to due to the glamour factor of using the same technology that elite athletes are using.

Not only is RFID being adopted by apparel makers, there are even ways to incorporate it into places where it's not traditionally been used before, such as the gyms. The treadmills of the future can load and run your exercise regiment just by you stepping on to the machines. What these developments underlie is the fact that RFID has gone beyond the realm of being used purely for supply chain, logistics and inventory management. Companies are looking at smart technologies such as RFID to interact with their customers in ways that were unheard of just 5 years ago. Indeed to ensure that businesses stay viable, companies are going a long way in ensuring their company's profitability.

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