Download @HP Viewpoint Paper: Leveraged Services Utility #Payment Model

Download HP Viewpoint Paper: Leveraged Services Utility Payment Model Payment services represent a significant revenue stream for banks and are a vital link between a bank and its customers. Maintaining that link effectively, however, is proving to be highly problematic. That is because the payments function is forced to operate in a landscape of continually lowering margins, increased competition, heightened customer demand for new products, increasing costs, and regulatory-driven changes.

Banks must explore new ways to retain and grow payments business.
The leveraged services utility model provides a structure that will enable banks to stay in the payments business for the long term. Download this viewpoint paper and see how HP’s Leveraged Services Utility Payment Model provides the following benefits:

  • Lower Cost
  • Controlled, shared capital expenditure, with future investments funded by the utility service income
  • Enhanced revenues for participants through the ability to use the utility platform to enter new markets and, for shareholders, from the utility income
  • Improved processes
  • Enhanced levels of information

> Download the viewpoint paper now!

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