#NFC adoption set to increase exponentially

NFC adoption set to increase exponentially

Sales of handsets equipped with NFC technology has been knocking on the door of wide scale adoption for quite some time but now new data suggest that NFC adoption will simply blow the figurative door of its hinges. Reported in IT Wire, analyst firm Berg stated that by 2016, NFC enabled phones will increase to 700 million units worldwide "on the back of compound annual growth of 87.8 %." This is partly due to an expectation that the cost of manufacturing an NFC-enabled smartphone will fall. Furthermore the rise in the sale of NFC-enabled phones will benefit other devices as it is predicted that the complementary devices will rely on NFC.

In fact, Berg stated that the tipping point came in 2011 when several leading handset vendors released more than 40 NFC-enabled handsets to the market. The numerous options that NFC can be used make NFC-enabled devices a distinct option too. Mobile payments, the most high profile of these options is undergoing a sort of intense market negotiation as to which form is to take dominance. When an industry standard is agreed upon, the appeal of NFC will simply rise exponentially.

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