#Citibank creates #Socialmedia campaign to tap on specific age groups


Credit cards, social media and points. This is the recipe that Citibank is using in Singapore to build their customer base among the target market of 21 to 35 year old. As reported in AsiaOne, Citibank will allow their users to collect points via their online shopping in addition to the usual method of collecting points via the purchases in brick and mortar shops. Also, they are hoping to connect to their target market by launching a social media campaign on Facebook. This is part of Citibank's effort to introduce what they term, a new dimension to their business that customers can enjoy.

The social media campaign involves the launch of an app which is being called "Clear.24.7". Users who charge their purchase to their Clear Platinum Card will be able to gain points not only on the card but also for the application. Additionally users can earn points checking into designated locations or establishments or by liking and sharing certain deals. This represents a new strategy being adopted by Citibank to move their marketing drive from traditional campaign strategies. This is mainly due to the proliferation smartphones and the, well established fact that their target market is very active on the various social media networks. By providing this service, Citibank is hoping to tap on a generation of Singaporeans, whose on e-commerce expenses has increase by 28% according to figures released by Visa.

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