#Panasonic creates much amazement with #RFID enabled rice cooker


I blogged a couple of weeks back about a prototype washing machine that will allows interaction with humans via the use of RFID. This time, Panasonic has gone a step further to come up with a rice cooker that can help you out when you need a fresh recipe to spice up your dinners. Reported in PC World, they are about to push into the market a cooker which uses an RFID reader to store recipes and rice cooking settings online via Sony's FeliCA touch cards. Sony's touch card is widely used in Japan for  train passes to payments at shops.

Now, Panasonic is using the FeliCA in their SR-SX2 rice cookers. This is in line with their goal of producing a range of smart appliances that will bring the future home to the present. Users of these nifty rice cookers will be able to download an Android base app where they will able to store their recipes and cooking settings. According to Panasonic, this rice cooker represents their intermediate step in their quest to digitize the home space. They have launched their own very own broadband service which their devices communicate on. Therefore in the future they will no longer have to tap onto mobile networks for their wireless communications.

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