#RFID technology to improve performance in #football


Seen in RFID Journal, the use of RFID to keep track of items in the logistics delivery network is well documented and proven. Capitalising on this use of RFID,  sports teams in Germany are taking advantage of this to up their game!

RFID is helping a football team in Nuremberg to track their players to improve their performance. The RFID based technology is helping teams in the Nuremberg region to track the movements of both the ball and the players. This allows for greater analysis to be made on the players during training and during an actual game. The system called RedFIR, provided by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuit has already been put through smaller scale phases with a small Irish rugby team. This implementation at  German football clubs represent a scaling up of the technology.

RedFIR requires the players to wear a battery powered RFID tags which is both small and unobtrusive. The tags automatically transfer all the data to a PC which calculates the information and churns out the data via their custom built programme. In addition, the system is versatile in that it is the answer to viable technology to solve debates about dubious goals. Football's governing body, FIFA, has been in search for such a technology for a long time. Should this RedFIR be approved, it will be a major boost for both the Institute and RFID based technology as its implementation will be globalised.

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