#Retail sector set to be key driver for #Malaysian economy

Retail sector set to be key driver for Malaysian economyReported in the New Straits Times the retail sector is considered of Malaysia's key economic engines. In fact, it is Malaysia's second biggest contributor to the nation's gross national income (GNI). According to the article, the retail sector contributed RM83 billion in 2010 and furthermore it is hoped that the retail sector will be the key driver for the Malaysian economy by 2020. To do this, the sector has to improve on several fronts, namely that of modernising and improving the service quality of the retail workforce.

Within the retail sector, the Entry Point Projects (EPPS) are tasked to continually improve Malaysia's retail sector in order to keep it both attractive and competitive. It follows that they are on the lookout to modernise the retail sector which is already recognised as one of the best in the region. Malaysian mall operators are actively being exposed to the international market so as to attract investors. Already there Malaysian mall operators staking their claim in countries such as Vietnam and China. With plans to expose them further via the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, the export of Malaysian mall operators is another way that the retail sector can improve the economy.

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