OculusAI produces #augmentedreality app for #ecommerce

OculusAI produces augmented reality app for e-commerce Ever covet your neighbour's pair of shoes and you are too shy or lazy to ask where she got it from? Well, moving forward, you should not be embarrassed to ask him/her. There is a new augmented reality app which eliminates your curiosity and helps satisfy your shoe addiction. Seen in Forbes, Swedish company OculusAI has not only perfected an augmented reality app but also released the app. The app, called Productify, informs you where you can get a particular shoe or for that matter any item which they you are interested in. The user only has to take a picture of the item and the app then trawls the internet using complicated algorithms. It then shows you where you can then proceed to purchase the item.

This app is perfect for e-commerce sites who struggle with low conversion rate. That is the rate by which consumers actually proceed to pay for the items they were looking at. According to the article, the current conversion rate is a paltry 2.85%! According to OculusAI, there is an increasing trend where behaviours on the internet are revolving around mobile and visual platforms. The app is slated to release on the Android platform in the second quarter of 2012.

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