Jakarta’s #biometric programme to be once again delayed

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Jakarta: The quest to gather biometric data from their residents and thus issue an electronic ID card is likely to be extended beyond its April deadline. Reported in Jakarta Globe, an official within Jakarta's population office says that as of now, only 5.3 million Jakarta residents have had their biometric data collected and registered. This represents a slow level of progress considering that there are still another 2 million residents to be registered and the deadline is only over a month away. Part of the reason for the slow progress is due to the fact that Jakarta residents usually move out of Jakarta but fail to inform the relevant officials/authorities.

In addition to the slow rate of collecting the necessary biometric data, those who have already had their biometric data collected have not yet received the electronic ID cards. Apparently the main issue with this is due to a bottleneck at the Ministry of Home Affairs. They have not yet issued the provincial governments with the smart card readers. As of now, the programme has already been pushed back once before, thus this delay would be the second time that the programme would be delayed.

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