Embracing Innovation and Change: Taking a Unified Approach #BNZ whitepaper


Embracing Innovation and Change: Taking a Unified Approach #BNZ whitepaper


Bank of New Zealand is pleased to make available a whitepaper on "Embracing Innovation and Change: Taking a Unified Approach." You can download a copy here.

In this paper, Russell Briant, Strategy Principal, Payments & Commerce, Bank of New Zealand sets his thinking on when taking a unified approach to introducing innovation and change across a market is a valid, rational and recommended strategic option. In the context of this paper a unified approach means the cooperation of a wider than usual grouping of possibly disparate parties in a market to get innovation or change into the market.

Here is are some questions posed by Russell in this paper to test whether this is one of those times for a unified approach or not.

  1. We can get to a market scale of buyers and sellers by ourselves?
  2. The proposition can thrive without broad acceptance?
  3. The business case to invest is within our own capacity to deliver?
  4. We don't need multiple parties (outside of our control) make this work?
  5. Having our own separate infrastructure makes sense?
  6. The required infrastructure is already in place?

You can download the full complimentary whitepaper here.

Russell will be presenting more on this topic at the upcoming Cards & Payments conference being held in Sydney on 20-21 March 2012.  Find out more about the event here.

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