Exclusive interview with GET Group: Top 3 challenges that governments face during the implementation of #NationalID projects

image Over the past few weeks, I have been doing some research on the challenges and issues that governments face during the implementation of National ID projects. There's so much information about this but what are the top 3 challenges/issues? We all know that National ID projects are often shrouded in secrecy and many stakeholders in both public and private sectors are involved. Addressing privacy and compliance standards for ID access programs is the top priority for most of the National ID projects. So, to satisfy my curiosity (and of course to learn more about digital identification, =) ), I have decided to approach GET Group, one of the exhibitors at Digital ID World Asia for an exclusive interview. It's always a bonus to get an ‘insider's perspective'! Mr. Tim Long, Sales & Business Development Manager-Asia Pacific , GET Group | Passport & ID Division took some time off his busy schedule for this interview; read on!

Tell us more about GET Group

For 25 years GET Group has led the industry with innovative solutions in the field of secure passport and ID systems and IT software that automates business processes and transactions. With CMMI Level 3 certification and offices in the United States, UAE, Egypt, Qatar and Canada, GET Group has an established customer base worldwide and solutions spanning key vertical markets. For more information, visit www.getgroup.com.

Objective for participating at Digital ID World Asia 2012

GET Group is the exclusive worldwide partner and distributor of Toppan's line of passport and ID personalization systems. We will be launching the CP500 Desktop Card Printer base on Toppan's pigment ink retransfer technology producing the world's highest resolution image at 600 dpi while being highly resistant to colour fading in less than 30 seconds.

GET Group has been working closely with various government entities across the world. What do you think are the top 3 challenges that governments face during the implementation of National ID projects?

1. Public Acceptance

National Identification projects require lots of planning and financial commitment from the country. The government has to reach out to the general public and justify the need for a national civil registry before the project can be funded. Privacy advocates and government entities need to work together to ensure a secure and agreeable framework before the general public agrees to finance and implement a National ID project.

2. Civil Registry Database Enrollment and Authentication

In order to implement and roll out a successful National ID project, the government needs to have the infrastructure and resources available to authenticate and enroll its citizens into the Civil Registry Database. The Civil Registry could incorporate biological information such as name, date of birth, national identity number along with biometric data such as fingerprints, facial images, eyes retinas and irises along with other biometric identifiers that are distinctive, measurable characteristics used to identify individuals. The enrollment and authentication of citizens into the Civil Registry is a very task oriented and complex process that could take years to compile and require a strong will and financial commitment from the government to be successful.

3. Security and Integrity of the National ID Card

Once the Civil Registry Database have been established, it is very important for the government to maintain the security and integrity of the National ID card to be successful. Governments needs to have the right infrastructure to authenticate the National ID cards and enforce laws and stiff penalties against forgeries and counterfeits.

Identification trends in Southeast Asia over the next 3 years

South East Asia market is projected to be one of the highest issuers of smartcards for e-Health and electronic IDs for the next 10 years. Cards & Payments Asia being strategically located in Singapore is at the centre of our target market while attracting high level executives from banks, government, healthcare and transport making it an ideal platform for our growth strategy. There have been tremendous e-government initiatives in Southeast Asia the past couple of years which will lead to an increased demand of biometric authentication and adoption of smartcards for electronic IDs, Driver's licenses, Healthcare electronics IDs, transit cards and other application for the foreseeable future.

Complete the following sentence: When customers think of GET Group, they will….

think of internationally certified (CMMI) secure document issuing and printing solutions; IT software solutions and professional services.

At Digital ID World Asia 2012, GET Group will launch the CP500 Card Printer at the event! There will also be a ‘live' product demo at GET Group's booth, 4C09 during the exhibition hours! Discover the capabilities of GET Group's products at the event and learn from their experts on how their solutions will streamline your operations! To visit Digital ID World Asia 2012 exhibition, pre-register online before 13 April 2012.

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