Redbus #onlineticketing system modernising the India’s transport sector

Redbus  online ticketing system modernising the India's transport sector If India's low cost airlines think they've got a crowded competitive landscape, they should walk a mile in the shoes of India's bus operators. An article in Forbes detailed the struggle of one bus operator who took a chance on an online ticketing system and won. Kadamba Transport Corporation was facing problems which are common for the bus operators in India,: low occupancy rate, unprofitable routes, numerous competitors and a rising wage bill that showed no signs of slowing down. Figuring he had to try something radical to stop the bleeding, Kadamba Transport Corporation's Managing Director decided to team up with Bangalore-based software company, Redbus to come up with an online ticketing system. It was a huge gamble by Kadamba Transport Corporation as the company had no data to show that online ticketing would be a success; in short they were hoping for a miracle to happen.

A miracle did happen! Kadamba Transport Corporation saw profits coming in! Travellers were drawn by the ease of which they can book their tickets online. What's better is that the news of Redbus's success got around and other bus companies are looking to implement the online booking system for their company. While there are other online booking systems in the market, Redbus ease of use on both sides of the coin (buyer and seller) has meant that it is fast gaining fans throughout India. Innovators such as Redbus will definitely help to revolutionise India's transport sector in the near future!

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