Pitroda Committee recommends #RFID to be used in India’s railway networks

Pitroda Committee recommends RFID to be used in India's railway networks The Sam Pitroda committee has recommended the widespread use of RFID technology to modernise the railway networks in India. Reported in Day After India, the high level committee recommended the implementation as part of a wider array of recommendations which aims to modernise India's railway network.

The use of RFID technology would help as trains can now be tracked real time and thus a more efficient usage of the trains can be achieved. In that way, the cost of delayed and poor-fitted trains can be avoided thus saving the railway networks in India a huge amount of money. The committee recommended Rs 1315 crore spread over four years to implement the systems which can bring them increased levels of cost savings. With the estimated network of 6000 railway stations throughout India, the committee's recommendation is indeed ambitious. These recommendations however will bring the Indian commuters huge benefits in the long term.

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