#Aviation industry to embrace #NFC for easy check-in?

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Commercial flying would be so much more fun if not for the hassle of check in. As any frequent flyer would attest the hassle of checking in your luggage and yourself at the airport is consumers so much time that it is easily the most annoying thing about flying. Seen in Reuters, a bunch of industry leaders are doing their best to ensure that the travel experience is as seamless as possible so as to make it as fuss-free as possible. By using technology, travel leaders are hoping to automate the traveler's experience. Qantas is already issuing cards with RFID technology to their frequent flyers which will help shorten the check in process of their luggage. Japan Airlines is following suit by using NFC-based technology which enables their passengers to check in via tapping their mobile phones.

This transformation however will not come easily. This is as both airline and airports are still debating the merits of going fully automated. For example, having a system which allows automated access would add to the complexity of systems if only a small percentage of travelers use them as airports will still have to keep their old systems while introducing the new one. Hence, more surveys and studies will need to be carried out to find out the feasibility of full-blown introduction of such systems. That being said, SITA, IT solution provider for the aviation industry predicts that by 2018, 80% of travelers will be checking in via some mobile device.

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