Unique #Identification Authority of #India (UIDAI) helping out around the world

image India's foray into creating a central digital identification database has apparently raised the attentions of countries around the world. This despite the project being afar form completed. Reported in the Hindustan Times, the agency responsible for undertaking the mammoth task of creating a central bio-metric database of their citizens is apparently being approached by several smaller countries to assist them in setting up a similar project in their nations. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is assisting Papua New Guinea to set up a system which is similar to theirs.

The government of Papua New Guinea is looking to create a system that will help them track students "which will be part of the country’s inclusive growth strategy". Papua New Guinea's lack of an identification system meant that they had to seek for guidance from governmental organisations which had the necessary experience. The UIDAI represented the perfect partnership opportunities. So far the UIDAI has successfully inputted the information of 130 million people, far exceeding that of the United States Immigration Department. Currently the UIDAI is also providing assistance to several countries such as the Mauritius, France and Australia.

Good news! We are honoured to have  Mr. Ashok Pal Singh, Deputy Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India to share his expertise at Digital ID World Asia 2012 conference! Mr Singh will deliver a case study on ‘The strategic imperatives for a comprehensive and secure citizen identification program'. For more information about his presentation, view the programme now!

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