New technology to prevent #creditcard #phishing

New technology to prevent credit card phishing Lately, all the talk has been about how new versions of credit cards which incorporate the new RFID and NFC technology can be easily subjected to fraudulent actions. This stems from the fear that credit card information can be gleaned by simply holding a hand held scanner in close proximity to your credit card. While this possibility is remote, the danger is still there, therefore technology firms everywhere are looking at developing technology solutions which will give consumers a peace of mind. In Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering has created a solution which would help to keep such concerns at bay.

Seen in Digital Trends, the solution involves a small switch of sorts located on the card itself. The can only be activated when it is switched ‘on' or ‘off'. Without this physical contact, the credit card would be rendered inactive and therefore the possibility of the any information being swiped out of the air is eliminated. Of course this will be of no help if you are in the habit of misplacing your credit cards!

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